Argentina - Annual 2016

The dynamics of the Argentine M&A market in 2016 surpassed by 37.33% the transactions of the whole of 2015, with the most active sectors being real estate and financial based on the number of transactions.
Specifically, the Argentine M&A market registered 206 transactions in 2016, of which 107 had a combined non-confidential value of USD 14.18bn. These figures differ from those of 2015, which recorded 150 transactions with a non-confidential value of 54 deals of USD 1.91bn, entailing a 641.05% increase in the moved capital compared to 2015.
Additionally, of the transactions registered in the year, 79 are low...

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Argentina - Half-Year 2016

The figures of 1H16 show a picture of growth in Argentina's transactional market, with 111 registered mergers and acquisitions, which moved USD 5.6bn. These data represent a 444% increase in operated capital and a raise of 42.3% in the number of transactions, compared to 1H15.
In terms of sectors, the financial and insurance sector was most prominent throughout 2016, with 18 transactions, followed by the food industry, with 15 deals.
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Argentina - Half-Year 2015

In the first semester of 2015, the Argentine transactional market’s activity decreased slightly, with 68 deals registered and an investment volume of approximately USD 1.02bn, compared with 90 transactions and approximately USD 5.7bn in the same period last year. Nevertheless, some relevant deals were registered. Highlights include Argentina-based Pluspetrol’s acquisition of a majority stake in US-based Apco Oil & Gas international, for approximately USD 427m.
Regarding the market activity in other Latin American countries, in terms of number of deals: Argentina was the fifth most active country...

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Argentina - Annual 2014

In 2014, the Argentinean transactional market registered a 35% increase in the number of deals compared with the previous year; a total of 154 deals in 2013 compared with 208 in 2014. Furthermore, the investment volume generated USD 7.85bn, compared with USD 2.22bn in 2013.
Among the largest deals, highlights include the acquisition by Morgan Stanley of a minority stake in YPF held by Repsol, for USD 1.26bn. Furthermore, YPF acquired the Argentineans subsidiaries of Canada-based Apache Corporation, for approximately USD 786m.

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