Argentina - 04Q 2017

December 2017
Argentina - 04Q 2017
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The Argentine transactional market closes 4Q17 with 49 deals, of which 24 have a combined non-confidential value of approximately USD 1.5bn. These figures entail a decrease of 14.04% in the number of deals and of 87.06% in their value, compared with 4Q16. From January to December 2017, there were 217 transactions, of which 97 have a combined value of USD 5.27bn, entailing a 5.34% increase in the number of deals and a 70% decrease in their value, compared with the same period of 2016. The Real Estate and Financial and Insurance sectors recorded the most transactions in 2017, with 35 each.


Fras-le completes acquisition of Palr, Armetal Autopartes and FANACIF


Advisors of the deal:

Legal Advisors

  • Hughes & Hughes Abogados
  • Allende & Brea Abogados
  • TozziniFreire Advogados
  • Randon