Brazil - Annual 2016

The speculations and uncertainties about the Brazilian economy  in 2016, resulted in numbers close to those achieved in the merger and acquisition market in 2015. According to Transactional Track Record, there were 1040 transactions, 0.57% less than the previous year. 427 deals had their value disclosed, and registered a total of R$260 billion.
The technology subsector was the most active, for the third consecutive year. In 2016, 202 transactions represented an increase of 34% over the previous year. The subsectors Financial and Insurance and Internet had an increased of 30% and 1%, respectively, compared to...

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Brazil - November 2016

Brazil's M&A market recorded 920 transactions between January and November 2016, a 3% higher volume over the same period of 2015. In November, 72 operations were registered.
From this total, only 358 transactions had their value reported, resulting in R$231,3 billions, an increase of 171% over the previous year; 76 deals had scored over R$ 500m, a total of R$208 billions. Brazil's market also registered 203 acquisitions made by foreign companies (inbound transactions). The U.S. companies were responsible for 71 deals.
The period had recorded a total of 80 Private Equity transactions, in which 38 were foreign...

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Brazil - October 2016

Brazil's M&A market has registered 833 transactions this year, an increase of 3% over 2015. Only 351 transactions reported value, which represents BRL 219bn, 39% over last year. In October, 95 transactions were registered, a total over the average recorded during the year. The transactions in Technology subsector had an increase of 40%, Internet grow 6% and Financial and Insurance registered an increase of 30%. 
In collaboration with: MERRILL CORPORATION - TozziniFreire Advogados - LexisNexis
AES SUL  - Power distributor.
Financial Advisors
Morgan Stanley
Banco Itaú BBA
Legal Advisors...

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Brazil - First, Second & Third Quarter 2016

From January to September, 2016, the M&A Market in Brazil recorded 731 transactions, almost the same volume of January to September, 2015. Only 317 transactions reported value, which resulted in a total of R$198bn, or an increase of 45%. In the 3rd quarter of the year, 264 transactions were recorded, an increase of 7%, compared to 2015. The most active subsectors of Brazilian market, over 2016, have been technology and internet, which add up to 264 transactions.
STP Serviços e Tecnologia de Pagamentos  - Company that provides electronic toll collection services.

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Brazil - August 2016

Throughout this year the Brazilian M & A market recorded a total of 605 transactions, a volume 7% lower than the same period of 2015.  Of the total transactions, 256 had their value disclosed, which total has been BRL 167.5bn, well above what was recorded in the same period last year.
The month of August recorded a total of 66 transactions, a number that breaks the upward trend that began in the month of June.
Between January and August 2016, 57 transactions were registered involving private equity companies in the Brazilian market, 31 of which involved foreign companies. The total number of transactions is a...

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Brazil - July 2016

The Brazilian mergers and acquisitions market registered a 4% decrease in the number of transactions recorded between January and July 2016, compared to the same 2015-year period.  So far, in total, there were 534 transactions that moved a total of BRL 155.58bn, a value 64% higher than the one observed the same period last year.
In July, the total traded value has gained a strong impulse by the announcement of the transaction involving the acquisition by the China-based State Grid Corporation of China - SGCC of approximately 54.7% in CPFL Energia (BVMF: CPFE3) belonging to the control block of the company...

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