January 2012

January 2012
January 2012
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The Brazilian transactional market, in January, was particularly dynamic. We registered the same number of deals as in the previous month, both announced and closed.  US-based companies topped the chart for Foreign Acquisitions in Brazil, followed by Japan. The Real Estate and Construction sector was especially active, having registered ten deals. One of the largest deals in January was TNK-Brasil's acquisition of a 45% stake in the exploration rights of blocks of Bacia Sedimentar do Solimões. The deal value was BRL 1.738bn. Other highlights include, USA-based private equity Actis' acquisition of a 37% stake in Grupo Cruzeiro do Sul Educacional, for BRL 180m. Also worthy of note was the agreement signed by MPX Energia and E.ON, a Germany-based company. MPX will carry out a capital increase and E.ON will subscribe to 10% of MPX's share capital. The deal value was BRL 1.000bn. Also worthy of note was BNDESPar's acquisition of a 33.42% stake in CAB Ambiental for BRL 120m.

In January 2012, a slight increase was registered in the number of deals in Latin America. Chile recorded 19 deals, followed by Mexico and Colombia. Furthermore, cross-border transactions gained significance. The Netherlands-based KPN sold its ventures in Latin America (Getronics México, Getronics Brazil, and Getronics Colombia) to private equity firm OpenGate Capital. Furthermore, UK-based HSBC Bank sold its ventures HSBC Costa Rica, HSBC El Salvador, and HSBC Honduras, to Banco Davivienda, a Colombia-based bank. Other highlights include the acquisition of a 60% stake in Chile-based Cosmética Nacional by Godrij Consumer Products. Also worthy of note was the merger annulment between two Chile-based Telecommunications companies, Entel and GTD.