Peru - Annual 2016

The dynamics of the Peruvian M&A market surpassed by 21.60% the transactions of the whole of 2015, with the most active sectors being real estate and financial based on number of deals.
Specifically, the Peruvian M&A market registered 152 transactions in 2016, of which 72 had a combined non-confidential value of USD 6.2bn. These figures differ from those of 2015, which recorded 125 transactions with a combined non-confidential value of 49 deals of USD 7.15bn, entailing a 13.3% decrease in the moved capital compared to 2015.
Additionally, of the transactions registered in the year, 60 are low market (deal value...

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Peru - Half-Year 2016

The figures of 1H16 show a picture of growth in Peru's transactional market, with 79 registered mergers and acquisitions, which moved USD 1.9bn. These data represent a 68% increase in the number of transactions, but a decrease of 55% in operated capital, compared to 1H15.
In terms of sectors, the financial and insurance sector was the most prominent throughout 2016, with 14 transactions, followed by real estate, with 12 deals.
In the cross-border sphere, the investing appetite of Mexico-based companies is most notable in the Peruvian market, where they have carried out four transactions with a combined value...

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Peru - Annual 2015

The activity in Peru's merger and acquisitions market gained dynamism in 2H15. In total, 78 transactions were registered, with a combined value of USD 3.06bn, compared to 47 deals for USD 4.32bn in 1H15.
During 2015, ranked by transactions in each country, Peru is in sixth place, surpassed by Brazil, with 1,052 deals; Mexico, with 307; Colombia, with 177; Chile, with 187; and Argentina, with 151.

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Peru - Half-Year 2015

In the first semester of 2015, the Peruvian transactional market’s activity decreased slightly. A total of 45 deals were registered that generated approximately USD 1.07bn, compared with 58 transactions and approximately USD 9.48bn in the same period last year. Nevertheless, some relevant deals were recorded. Highlights include Scotiabank Perú’s acquisition of Peru-based Servicios SPV, for USD 295m.
By countries and in terms of number of deals: Peru was the sixth most active country preceded by Brazil, with 457, Mexico (167), Colombia (96), Chile (89) and Argentina (68).

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Peru - Annual 2014

In 2014, the Peruvian transactional market registered a 31% increase in the number of deals; a total of 94 deals were registered in 2013 compared with 125 this year. In addition, the investment volume also increased significantly compared with 2013, and generated approximately USD 20.35bn.
These high investment figures are justified by deals recorded in the high-end market in deal size (> USD 500m). Highlights include the acquisition by Chinese consortium, constituted by CITIC Metal, GUOXIN International Investment and MMG, of mining project Las Bambas. The deal value was USD 5.85bn. Furthermore, Shell acquired...

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