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June 2022

Financial services M&A in Spain: key features for private banking transactions

The financial services (FS) sector in Spain has been extremely active in terms of M&A transactions in 2021, despite its generally perceived flatness. In the financial and insurance industries, 226 deals were closed in the Spanish market in 2021, according to the Transactional Track Record (TTR) M&A database.

But these numbers for 2021 are not an exception: FS M&A has been a relevant sector in terms of deal value and number of transactions over the last decade. Indeed, FS M&A has been, and remains, buoyant across Europe.

Defining ‘financial services’ in the Spanish market can be tricky as it differs from other jurisdictions. We define it as a set of entities that have the ability to perform activities that have been traditionally subject to licensing or registering obligations. These activities have been historically performed by banks – credit institutions that conducted myriad activities and transactions within the industry.

Source: Cases & Lacambra  

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