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Veirano Advogados

TTR ID Profile: 5406

Company Size: 501-1000
Year Founded: 22 Apr 1997
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Av. Presidente Wilson, 231 – 23º andar
20030-021 Centro
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel.: +55 (21) 3824-4747
Fax.: +55 (21) 2262-4247
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Last update on: 13 May 2021

Main Details

Short Description

Law firm.


Veirano Advogados

Year Founded

22 Apr 1997

Entity Type

Law Firm

Corporate Status

since 09 Dec 2000

Registered Name

Veirano Advogados



Corporate Structure

Private Company

Country - State / Province / District

Brazil - Rio de Janeiro

Other Data

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Natureza Juridica (
223-2 - Sociedade Simples Pura
Capital Social (
R$ 7.000,00 (Sete mil reais)
Tipo Estabelecimento (
Main Activity [CNAE] (
69.11-7-01 - Serviços advocatícios

Key Executives and Professionals

Name Job Title E-mail
Ronaldo Camargo Veirano Founding Partner vCard
Marcia Cunha Counsel vCard
Abel Amaro Partner vCard
Alberto de Orleans e Bragança Partner vCard
Alexandre Verri Partner vCard
Ali Hage Partner vCard
Ana Luci Grizzi Partner vCard
Andrei Furtado Fernandes Partner
Augusto Cesar Barbosa de Souza Partner vCard
Carlos Alexandre Lobo Partner vCard
Cássio Cavalli Partner
Cristian Divan Baldani Partner vCard
Daniel Engel Partner vCard
Daniela Anversa Partner vCard
Diego Fraga Lerner Partner vCard

  Name Since Joining the Firm
  Dealmaker Deals # Value
1 Sergio Bronstein 95 EUR 1.690,18m
2 Carlos Alexandre Lobo 60 EUR 31.305,77m
3 Lior Pinsky 44 EUR 13.102,23m
4 Vitor Rozenthal 38 EUR 15.498,85m
5 Guilherme Ohanian Monteiro 32 EUR 19.950,25m
6 Raphael Moreira Espírito Santo 29 EUR 4.603,79m
7 Renata Fialho de Oliveira 28 EUR 159,61m
8 Fernando Gava Verzoni 26 EUR 489,18m
9 Daniel Malatesta 23 EUR 836,64m
10 Pedro A. Garcia 22 EUR 9.241,40m
11 Roberto Rudzit Neto 22 EUR 4.608,02m
12 Alberto de Orleans e Bragança 21 EUR 12.436,72m
13 Robson Goulart Barreto 21 EUR 10.306,60m
14 Diego Fraga Lerner 21 EUR 842,35m
15 Paula Surerus 21 EUR 834,92m

São Paulo

Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 3.477 – 16º andar
Itaim Bibi – 04538-133
São Paulo, SP

Telefone +55 11 2313 5700
Fax +55 11 2313 5990

Porto Alegre

Rua Dona Laura, 320 -
13º andar
90430-090 - Porto Alegre RS

Telefone +55 51 2121 7500
Fax +55 51 2121 7600


Scn. Qd 2. Bl. A - Ed. Corporate Financial Center - 10º andar sl. 1001
70712-900 - Brasília DF

Telefone +55 61 2106 6600
Fax +55 61 2106 6699

Arbitration and Mediation
Banking & Finance
Capital Markets
Criminal Law
Debt Recovery
Employment & Labour
EU and Competition
Intellectual Property
Litigation, Prevention and Dispute Resolution
Mergers and Acquisitions
Projects & Infrastructures
Public & Administrative
Real Estate
Telecommunications, Media and Technology

TTR Radar  (As Part)

Date Radar Country VALUE (EURm) Subsector
28 Aug 2020 Conductor keen to pursue additional acquisitions to solidify regional footprint ahead of IPO Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, United States 0,00 Construction (Materials and Machinery), Consultancy, Audit and Engineering, Education, Financial and Insurance, Internet, Technology
18 Sep 2019 Veirano Advogados launches its chinese brand Brazil, China 0,00 Consultancy, Audit and Engineering

TTR Radar  (As Advisor)

Date Radar Country VALUE (EURm) Subsector
11 Dec 2020 Nuvini closes six acquisitions in 2H20 with 15 more in pipeline for 1Q21 Brazil, Canada 36,68
Consultancy, Audit and Engineering, Financial and Insurance, Technology
28 Aug 2020 Logicalis Latin America eyeing digital transformation specialists ahead of delayed IPO Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, United Kingdom, South Africa 0,00 Technology
11 Jun 2020 Mendelics and Sociedade Beneficente De Senhoras - Hospital Sírio Libanês partner for the technical cooperation concerning the development of Covid-19 tests Brazil 0,00 Consultancy, Audit and Engineering, Education, Healthcare, Hygiene, Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetics
26 Mar 2020 Tim and C6 Bank partner to explore synergies of sales and payment channels, expand offers and optimize costs Brazil 0,00 Financial and Insurance, Telecoms
15 Feb 2020 Aeroporto de Viracopos is authorized to search for a new owner Brazil 0,00 Consultancy, Audit and Engineering, Transport, Aviation and Logistics

Mergers & Acquisitions

Date Target Country Buyer Seller VALUE (EURm) Subsector    
05 May 2021
Eunerd Brazil Positivo - ND Internet
26 Apr 2021
Goodman SB Empreendimentos Imobiliários Brazil Bluemacaw Logísitca FII GBLP Investimentos e Participações 16,40 Real Estate
22 Apr 2021
Investtools Brazil Vórtx Private Shareholders Brazil I ND Technology
21 Apr 2021
Paggcerto Brazil Bling Private Shareholders Brazil I, Crescera Growth Capital FIP 1,01
Financial and Insurance
21 Apr 2021
Bling Brazil Locaweb Private Shareholders Brazil I, Crescera Growth Capital FIP 78,21 Technology

Private Equity

Date Target Country Buyer Seller VALUE (EURm) Subsector    
12 Nov 2020
Loja do Mecânico Brazil EB Capital Private Shareholders Brazil I 85,73
Distribution and Retail
01 Sep 2020
Farma Delivery Brazil InvestFarma Private Shareholders Brazil I ND Healthcare, Hygiene, Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetics

Venture Capital

Date Target Country Buyer Seller VALUE (EURm) Subsector    
24 Mar 2021
Kenzie Academy Brasil Brazil E3 Negócios - 1,22 Education
19 Mar 2021
Delivery Much Brazil Stone - ND Technology

Equity Capital Markets

Date Issuer/Buyer Type Country VALUE (EURm) Subsector  
12 Mar 2021
Ubook IPO Brazil ND Media, Multimedia and Editorial
18 Feb 2021
Hospital Care IPO Brazil 120,09 Healthcare, Hygiene, Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetics

Project Finance

Date Project Name Sponsor VALUE (EURm) Country Subsector  
19 Dec 2019
Thermal Power Plant Macaé Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas, Pátria Infraestrutura III, Royal Dutch Shell 456,19 Brazil Oil and Gas
21 Dec 2017
Financial Close
Project La Virgen Hydroelectric - 67,39 Peru Hydraulic

Acquisition Finance

Date Financing Banks Buyer Target Country VALUE (EURm) Subsector  
25 May 2011
Banco Itaú BBA Southern Cross Group Brinox Brazil ND Distribution and Retail

11 Dec 2020 TTR Radar protect
28 Aug 2020 TTR Radar protect