Deal Pulse - 1H17 M&A Forecast

After a tense presidential campaign in the US, Latin American observers have shaken off the post election jitters as they get on with business, while remaining tuned in to the season's latest reality shows with concerned amusement. 
With Michel Temer under investigation and protests in the streets of Brazil, near political and financial collapse pushing Venezuela ever closer to the brink and elections around the corner in Mexico and Chile, the US hardly takes center stage. To say there may be speed bumps ahead, in the words of Nexxus Capital Senior Manager Arturo Saval, may be an understatement. 
Oil continues...

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Deal Pulse - 2H16 M&A Forecast

Latin America's largest economies are on the mend following a jarring three years of weak commodity prices and falling currencies. The BRL, CLP, COP and PEN have all hit what appear to be inflection points in 2016, breaking from their steady decline against the USD that began in 2014 and 2015.
More a stabilizing force than any substantive relief, the price of oil has climbed steadily since its dip below USD 30 a barrel in early January, hovering consistently above USD 45 since May. The persistent glut in global supply doesn't have Latin America's oil exporters celebrating, however, and the moderate rebound...

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Deal Pulse - 1H16 M&A Forecast

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Latin Americans are clutching to the prospect of a better outlook as we move towards the second half of 2016, from Argentina, where Mauricio Macri has been quick to implement much-anticipated reforms, to Mexico, where eyes are trained north of the border in disbelief at the confounding US presidential race. Talk of backtracking on free trade and erecting walls is no confidence builder for nations contending with sluggish growth, at best.
In Brazil, another political soap opera, also with real consequences for consumer confidence and growth, begs for a swift and judicious conclusion; surely...

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Deal Pulse - 2H15 M&A Forecast

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The effects of low global energy prices and currency devaluation are rippling through Latin America. Aggregate deal value in the region has trended downward slightly since 2H14, but deal volume has hardly declined. In the final months of the year the pace of M&A will pick up following a summer lull.
Brazil, among the hardest hit by macroeconomic challenges and a slowdown in China, still accounts for the most transactions by a wide margin, with nearly the same number of inbound M&A deals as all other Latin American markets combined in the first half of 2015. As the Brazilian economy...

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Deal Pulse - 1H15 M&A Forecast

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The year is off to an upbeat start with brisk M&A activity in the region's largest and fastest growing markets. Despite sluggish growth in Brazil and delays in planned energy tenders in Mexico, the region is set to attract strong deal flow through the remainder of 1H15.
Consumer and retail, real estate, telecom, technology, financial services and energy top the sectors attracting attention across the region, industry sources tell TTR.
China continues to invest regionally, and can be expected to compete for a variety of assets, especially in natural resources, food/agriculture, financial...

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