México - 1T 2019

Março 2019
México - 1T 2019
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According to Transactional Track Record's quarterly M&A Report, Mexico's mergers and acquisitions market closed the first three months of the year with 61 deals, reaching USD 3.5bn in moved capital. The report provides a monthly analysis of the Mexican landscape which shows the market's dynamic. It also presents a complete analysis correlating the market's most active sectors, as well as the most prominent transactions of the cross-border segment, which shows US-based companies are still the ones making the most acquisitions of Mexico-based companies. From the Venture Capital perspective, technology companies remain the most attractive for investors.


Celulosa Arauco closes acquisition of Masisa's subsidiaries in Mexico

Assessores da transação:

Assessores Financeiros

  • Inverlink
  • UBS Bank México

Assessores Jurídicos

  • Mijares, Angoitia, Cortés y Fuentes
  • Creel, García-Cuéllar, Aiza y Enríquez
  • Ramírez, Gutiérrez-Azpe, Rodríguez-Rivero y Hurtado