México - Abril 2018

Março 2018
México - Abril 2018
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According to Transactional Track Record's Monthly M&A Report, Mexico's mergers and acquisitions market closed the first four months of 2018 with an increase in the moved capital and number of transactions, compared with the same period of 2017. The report also provides a complete analysis correlating the market's most active sectors, as well as the most prominent transactions of the cross-border segment, which shows US-based companies are still the most active in the acquisition of Mexico-based companies. In the overview of the Mexican market, the report presents a monthly analysis of the last two years, where it is possible to assay the M&A, Private Equity and Venture Capital segments since 2016.


Maxcom Telecomunicaciones vende 72 torres de telecomunicações por MXN 196,5m

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